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Betrayal By Harold Pinter

Directed by Gregg W. Brevoort

Penobscot Theatre Company

Bangor, Maine


Truth, consequences and straight up lies
By Tessa Riess
Penobscot Theatre carries 'Betrayal' with first class and a simple set

“An altogether riveting performance that leaves the audience questioning love, life and the pursuit of happiness”

Lies and their consequences have never been portrayed so well as in Harold Pinter's "Betrayal," currently being shown at the Penobscot Theatre Company in Bangor.

Set in contemporary London, the story is of a tragic love triangle between Robert, his wife Emma and his best friend Jerry, who is also Emma's lover.

Told in reverse time, off-hand remarks and straight-up lies reveal more about the affair and the people involved than direct statements in chronological order ever could. By feeding the audience scenes that threaten to destroy a marriage and a close friendship backwards, the actors create a common theme with a twist.

Director Gregg W. Brevoort uses three accomplished actors to capture the emotions and feelings of the characters in the play.

Rita Rhen, in her Maine debut, brilliantly portrays Emma, a woman torn between two different kinds of love.

Patrick Dizney, also making his first Maine appearance, plays Jerry who is caught up trying to balance his lover and his best friend.

David Sitler, as Robert, is being fouled by the two and conquers the emotions of his character throughout the ordeal.

All three actors work with the confines of the clever script to create a powerful and ultimately eye-opening look at the inside of a modern-day love affair.

The props for the performance are masterfully used and are only slightly altered for each scene.

With contrast lighting to set the mood, the audience is completely aware that each subtle change signifies an entirely different set and continues to be completely enthralled in the saga.

"Betrayal" first premiered at the National Theater in London in 1978. Playwright Harold Pinter was born in a working-class neighborhood in London in 1930. He studied acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic arts, going on to write numerous full-length plays and screenplays.

The staff of "Betrayal" collaborates to produce an altogether riveting performance that leaves the audience questioning love, life and the pursuit of happiness.

The play will be showing until April 21.

Penobscot Theatre Company is located on 183 Main in downtown Bangor. For information call the box office at (207) 942-3333. Discounts are available for students, educators, seniors and military personnel.